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Travel Time Limousine is a privately owned and operated limousine transportation service started in 1988 with one new car.  We slowly grew the business, constantly reminding ourselves: Personal customer service means the most to our clients.

When you call Travel Time Limousine, you get a real live person whose voice you might recognize, greeting you with a "Hello Mrs. Jones," not a recording directing you to push numbers to get connected.

Many Corporations as well as other Limousine companies use our service to transfer their CEO's, Presidents, and other High Level Executives because of our expertise in knowing what they want, where to find them, and the patience to deliver the service they require.
Expanding a limousine business too quickly means you will be left at the airport or home, waiting for a car that isn't coming.

Business travelers need the comfort of knowing their limo driver will be waiting for them within minutes of stepping off the airplane or leaving their home, getting them to their meeting or flight on time.